Ebrahim Ghaderpour, Ph.d.

The Least-Squares Wavelet Software (LSWAVE)

Windows standalone application can be downloaded here: 

Here are some data sets: 

LSWAVE includes the following tools for signal processing:

1) Least-Squares Spectral Analysis (LSSA)
2) Antileakage Least-Squares Spectral Analysis (ALLSSA)
3) Least-Squares Wavelet Analysis (LSWA)
4) Least-Squares Cross-Spectral Analysis (LSCSA)
5) Least-Squares Cross-Wavelet Analysis (LSCWA)

Please acknowledge the following papers when using the results of this software:

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Ghaderpour E, Pagiatakis S (2019) LSWAVE: a MATLAB software for the least-squares wavelet and cross-wavelet analyses. GPS Solutions

23(2). DOI: 10.1007/s10291-019-0841-3.